Can Bad Breath Remedies Help You?

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While some of these bad breath remedies that I am going to list in just a moment will help some. There is no magic formula that is going to be all things to all people.

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While some of these bad breath remedies that I am going to list in just a moment will help some. There is no magic formula that is going to be all things to all people. read more


Custom Flag Printing – is White a Color?

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Should you be charged for the color white when having a custom flag made?

custom flags, car flags, flag printing

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This question I don’t really get asked its more I see when a person requests a quote and say’s “I would like a custom flag made using my logo the colors in my logo are navy blue, red, yellow and white”

After being a custom flag maker for many years I have found out that many flag manufacturers out there especially the one’s on the internet say that the custom flag above is 4 colors when they send the quote. read more


Choosing Educational Videos For Children

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Today, videos have become a very popular means of entertainment among children of all ages. It isn’t uncommon for children to spend much of their free time watching their favorite movies or television shows. The invention of the portable DVD player has enhanced the already great role video entertainment can play in a child’s day, as it allows parents to take DVD videos wherever children go. This however, creates considerable concern about what today’s youngsters are watchi… read more

10 Smart Shopping Tips To Protect Your Family From Getting Sick

Terry Nicholls
date_saved:2007-07-25 12:30:10

Prevention of food poisoning starts with your trip to the supermarket. Here’s how to start off safely.
1. Pick up your packaged and canned foods first. Buy cans and jars that look perfect. Don’t buy canned goods that are dented, cracked or bulging. These are the warning signs that dangerous bacteria may be growing in the can.
2. Look for any expiration dates on the labels and never buy outdated food. Likewise, check the “use by” or “sell by” date on dairy products such as cottage cheese, cream cheese, yogurt, and sour cream and pick the ones that will stay fresh longest in your refrigerator.
3. Check eggs, too. Choose eggs that are refrigerated in the store. Before putting them in your cart, open the carton and make sure that the eggs are clean and none are cracked or broken.
4. Raw meat, poultry, and seafood sometimes drip. The juices that drip may have germs. Keep these juices away from other foods. Put raw meat, poultry, and seafood into plastic bags before they go into the cart. Separate raw meat, poultry, and seafood from other foods in your grocery shopping cart and in your refrigerator.
5. Don’t buy frozen seafood if the packages are open, torn or crushed on the edges. Avoid packages that are above the frost line in the store’s freezer. If the package cover is transparent, look for signs of frost or ice crystals. This could mean that the fish has either been stored for a long time or thawed and re-frozen.
6. Check for cleanliness at the meat or fish counter and the salad bar. For instance, cooked shrimp lying on the same bed of ice as raw fish could become contaminated.
7. When shopping for shellfish, buy from markets that get their supplies from state-approved s; stay clear of vendors who sell shellfish from roadside stands or the back of a truck. And if you’re planning to harvest your own shellfish, heed posted warnings about the water’s safety.
8. Pick up milk, frozen foods, and perishables (meat, poultry, fish) last. Always put these products in separate plastic bags so that drippings don’t contaminate other foods in your shopping cart.
9. Drive immediately home from the grocery store. This will give cold or frozen food less time to warm up before you get home. If the destination is farther away than 30 minutes, bring a cooler with ice or commercial freezing gels from home and place perishables in it.
10. Save hot chicken and other hot foods for last, too. This will give them less time to cool off before you get home.
Copyright (c) Terry Nicholls. All Rights Reserved.
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EKCS A Thermostat That Speaks To A Consumer’s Needs

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If you have a question about how to make your home more comfortable, you may want to ask your thermostat.

A Thermostat That Speaks To A Consumer’s Needs

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If you have a question about how to make your home more comfortable, you may want to ask your thermostat. An innovative, programmable “talking” thermostat has been designed to make it easier for you to control your home comfort systems. read more


Cure Your Back Pain Now

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Who wa
nts to see his chiropractor twice a week and pay hundreds of dollars to get his back adjusted? Waking up in the morning with a wrong movement and you start to feel that back pain. Everything from now on will be accompanied by sharp pain strikes. You will not be able to put your clothes and shoos on, every breath you take hearts up to a point where you so desperate you find your self scratching your back against the wall.

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EKCS A Summer Electrical Check-Up for Your Home

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The wonderful weather of Summer presents the easy opportunity to request that an electrician visit and have your homes electrical system thoroughly checked. Similar to the way we as people go to the doctor for a physical, a homes electrical system should receive annual or semi-annual inspections.

Home Improvement

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When was the last time your home had an electrical checkup? read more

10 Proven Tips to Make Heartburn Disappear

Colleen Palati

In our last newsletter, we discussed heartburn and its harmful effect on the body. Armed with that knowledge, we can now put into practice 10 tips for heartburn relief!
My husband has terrible heartburn. In fact, he’s the one who pops antacids like they’re candy. Over the past couple of weeks I have encouraged him to try these tips…and you know what? They’ve worked! I hope these tips help you or someone you love find heartburn relief and kick this health problem we call heartburn.
1. Simple Techniques:
Heartburn can cause major problems if not treated. People with heartburn have a 43% higher risk of developing esophageal cancer, compared to those who do not have heartburn or indigestion.
For heartburn relief, lets start with a few simple techniques. Cut your food into smaller pieces, chew your food longer, stop smoking, don’t drink a lot with your meal, lose a few pounds, loosen your belt a couple of notches and raise your head a few more inches when you sleep.
2. Get your digestive system back on track:
It’s a good idea to take digestive plant enzymes with every meal. This will help gas and bloating, as well as to help bowel movements become more frequent.
Another technique is to take hydrochloric acid supplements with meals. These will help to alleviate digestive problems. And again, don’t dilute your stomach acid or enzymes by drinking liquids during your meal!
3. Enhance your immunity:
Colostrums, maitake mushroom and sterols or sterolins are effective at enhancing under active immune function. You can take one alone or in a combination for heartburn relief.
4. You have to reduce your stress:
The connection between stress, the immune system and inflammation are perfectly clear. Intestinal flare-ups, colitis, Crohns disease and excess acid production are often associated with increased stress. If you can, eliminate stressful factors within your life. Try exercising, reading, breathing exercises, hiking, sports, meditation, or anything else that can helps to naturally relax you. This will do wonders to help you experience heartburn relief!
5. Stop using non-sterol anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS):
When seeking heartburn relief, most of us run for these! These drugs only increase your risk of upper gastrointestinal ulcers, bleeding and digestivedifficulties. Willow bark, boswellia, turmeric, pycnogenol and other natural products are safe alternatives to NSAIDS.
6. Your diet is extremely important:
Eat 7-10 half-cup servings of organic fruits and vegetable daily. Steam your vegetables or eat them raw. Raw vegetables are much healthier for you, but some of us just don’t like raw veggies. Steaming will at least keep the majority of the nutrients in place.
It’s wise to eat a cup of acidophilus rich yogurt every day unless you are lactose intolerant. If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you are at greater risk for stomach problems. If this is you, try cutting out all dairy products from your diet for 6 weeks and see how your stomach feels. You should experience some heartburn relief.
7. Eat more small meals instead of big ones:
The bottom line is that big meals are hard to digest. By eating smaller meals, you will actually heal stomach problems and keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. Remember, digestion begins in your mouth. Sit back and enjoy your food.
8. Try tea with lemon:
Coffee only aggravates stomach problems, so try a cup of tea! This will get your digestive juices flowing and help you to find heartburn relief. Drink your herbal tea with fresh squeezed lemon 15 minutes before breakfast. Try peppermint, fennel or ginger tea to soothe practically any stomach problem.
9. Stay away from fake sugar:
A lot of us have been brainwashed in believing that a safe alternative to real sugar is the “fake stuff”. Not so! Sorbital and other artificial sweeteners can create gas, bloating, and increased diarrhea.
White sugar has been found to reduce the activity of certain immune cells that fight bacteria, viruses, parasites and cancer. One teaspoon of white sugar inactivates these important immune cells for up to six hours. Try the herbal sweetener stevia at your health food store instead.
10. Don’t forget your fiber:
Fiber will combat against constipation and control diarrhea. Psyllium, guar gum, ground flax seeds or pectin can be added to your daily regimen. Drink 6-10 glasses of purified water every day…especially if you are taking fiber supplements.
No one should have to live with painful heartburn. By becoming proactive, you can find heartburn relief, enjoy your meals and live a more healthy and enjoyable life!
Yours in healthy living,
Colleen Palati
9217 Douglas Fir Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15239
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Choosing Educational Software For Children

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In recent years, computers have become an integral part of everyday life. Now, more people own computers than ever before, and the numbers continue to rise. As a result, children are learning how to use computers in school at a much earlier age than ever before.

There is a wide array of educational software available for children of all ages. This provides you, the parent, with many options when choosing educational software for your children. Since many educational g… read more

Can Antioxidants Prevent Cellular Damage?

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Antioxidants are intimately involved in the prevention of cellular damage, which is the common pathway for cancer, aging, and a variety of diseases. The scientific community has begun to unveil some of the mysteries surrounding this topic, and the media has begun whetting our thirst for knowledge.

Considering Foods High in Powerful Antioxidants?

Grab a Handful of Almonds! The next time you’re shopping for antioxidant-rich foods, make sure to add almonds to your cart. No… read more

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